Myths and Facts

Finding clear, accurate and meaningful information on the dollars collected and spent on K-12 public education can be a daunting task. We seek to make the task easier for citizens, policy makers and researchers, while combating some common myths and adding context to questionable claims.

Follow the links below to resources we have compiled, as well as to other sources of raw data so you can dig deeper yourself if you so wish. And if you encounter any questions along the way, please contact Ben DeGrow.

Education Policy Center Resources:

  1. Colorado K-12 Funding: Follow the Money (a podcast PowerPoint presentation)
  2. Counting The Cash for K-12 (Issue Backgrounder 2006-A) by Ben DeGrow
  3. A Second Look at K-12 Cash (Issue Backgrounder 2008-B) by Ben DeGrow
  4. How does Colorado compare to other states in total K-12 spending?
  5. How has Colorado’s K-12 spending changed over time?
  6. Which group’s numbers have grown more nationwide in public K-12 education: students or employees?

Other Resources: