Amendment 66 and SB 213

Amendment 66, formerly known as Initiative 22, is a proposed November 2013 statewide ballot initiative to raise approximately $1 billion a year in new revenues for K-12 education. Revenues would be raised by converting the state’s flat rate for personal income taxes — currently, 4.63 percent — to a two-tiered system: 5.0 percent for all income earned up to $75,000, and 5.9 percent for all income earned above $75,000.

Passage of the amendment would enact the legislative changes in Senate Bill 213, a revision of the School Finance Act adopted by a unanimous partisan vote in the Colorado General Assembly. The Amendment also would require at least 43 percent of all state income, sales, and excise tax revenue to be set aside to finance preschool through high school education, restricting the ability of elected legislators to appropriate General Fund dollars for other budget needs.

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