Education Policy Center Newsletter February 4, 2014
In this issue
– DeGrow to Serve on New Online Education Task Force
– Families Join School Choice Week Celebration
– Center Responds to Union’s Anti-Reform Lawsuit
– Financial Issues Top Education’s Legislative Agenda
– Douglas County Report Sent Statewide
– Vigilant Eddie Blogs as 2014 Gets Underway


Education Policy Center Newsletter December 13, 2013
– Two Days Left to Request Union Political Refund
– Scholarship Tax Credits Key Part of Reform
– Reform-Minded School Boards on the Rise
– Open Enrollment Season Heads into Full Swing
– Eddie Rounds Up School Reform for 2013


Education Policy Center Newsletter November 13, 2013
– Center Spreads the Word, Amendment 66 Goes Down
– Scholarship Tax Credits Offer Way Forward
– Union-Favored School Board Candidates Falter
– CEA Political Refund Deadline Approaches
– Raaki Covers 66, Eddie Peeks Around


Education Policy Center Newsletter October 3, 2013
– Report Highlights Transformational Dougco Model
– Join Us Friday for “Defending Educational Civil Rights”
– Unions Fund Amendment 66 while Threatening Reform
– K-12 Tax Credit Coalition Begins to Take Root
– Prosperity, Health, and Humor: Podcast and Blog Roundup


Education Policy Center Newsletter August 28, 2013
– As Debate Grows, New Report Breaks Down Amendment 66
– DeGrow Looks at State of Reform in Dougco, Greeley, and Beyond
– Benigno Begins to Educate Colorado about Tax Credits
– Kafer’s Blended Learning Report Attracting Interest
– Reform Issues Hit Raaki Garcia Show, Little Eddie’s Blog


Education Policy Center Newsletter July 18, 2013
– TV Alert: Benigno Tackles Tuition Tax Credits
– TV Alert (Cont.): Kafer Touts New Blended Learning Report
– Center Exposes 49th in Education Funding Fallacy… Again
– Read, Watch, or Listen to Learn Colo. Charter School History
– Center Spreads Word for Employee Freedom Week
– Easy as 1-2-3: Eddie Debunks Anti-Dougco Myths


Education Policy Center Newsletter June 3, 2013
– In Print and On TV: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20
– Center Celebrates Lobato Ruling, Highlights Tax Hike
– Surveys Show Good School Reform News in Douglas County
– Colorado Kids Still Can Win with Scholarship Tax Credits
– Eddie Stays Up-to-Date on Digital Learning


Education Policy Center Newsletter April 30, 2013
– New Colorado Kids Win Site Highlights Scholarship Tax Credits
– DeGrow Tackles Big School Finance Reform Debate (Cont.)
– Center Covers Teachers Union Showdown in Adams 12
– Raaki Garcia Show Covers KIPP, Parent Resources, Dougco
– Confused about Weather, Eddie Rounds Up April K-12 Topics


Education Policy Center Newsletter March 27, 2013
– Center Proclaims Good News for DougCo from Appeals Court
– Center Sheds Light on Anti-Reform Attacks in DougCo
– DeGrow Tackles Big School Finance Reform Debate
– From Online Learning to K-12 Scholarships: Catch the Latest Podcasts
– Eddie Excited by National School Choice Developments


Education Policy Center Newsletter February 7, 2013
– Digital Learning Celebrates Innovation, Calls for Policy Changes
– DeGrow Addresses Looming School Finance Debate
– Independence Institute Celebrates School Choice Week (en español)
– Citizens Seek Union Transparency in Thompson Schools
– Grading Colorado and More: Eddie Rounds Up K-12 Scene