Education Policy Center Newsletter August 20, 2015
In this issue
– Back-to-School Week Brings Drama, Politics in Jeffco
– A(nother) Fight for the Future of Colorado Education Reform
– New Paper Shows Colorado Student-Based Budgeting on the Rise
– Institute Celebrates Third Annual Employee Freedom Week
– Educational Choice Marches On


Education Policy Center Newsletter July 7, 2015
In this issue
– Center Shares Dougco Choice Ruling’s Silver Lining
– Izard Provides Inspiring Arrupe Jesuit Profile
– Colorado Lags Growing National Choice Momentum
– Jeffco, Thompson Boards Press Forward in Reform Battles
– Eddie Takes On Charter, Other Reform Issues


Education Policy Center Newsletter May 12, 2015
In this issue
– Legislature Crosses the 2015 Finish Line
– No Love Lost in Loveland Union Negotiations
– Independence Institute Stands up to Jeffco Bullies
– Ed Center Keeps Eye on School Choice Ball
– Little Eddie Stays Busy


Education Policy Center Newsletter March 6, 2015
In this issue
– Report Points to Promise of Performance Pay in Harrison
– Covering Collective Bargaining and Other Sacred Elephants
– Center Digs Deeper into Testing Conversation
– New Video Shines Light on Local School Choice Week Celebration
– School Choice Captures Eddie’s Attention


Education Policy Center Newsletter January 29, 2015
In this issue
– School Choice Week Takes Off at State Capitol
– Center Wades into Great Testing Debate
– Scholarship Success Stories Told
– Has Jeffco Union’s Fight Started?
– Eddie Starts 2015 in Style


Education Policy Center Newsletter December 18, 2014
In this issue
–Friday TV Alert: The Transformative Power of K-12 Scholarships
–Dougco Gets Its Day in Court
–Santa Gives Teachers More Christmas Money
–Center Keeps Watchful Eye on Jeffco
–Eddie Gives Teachers Some Attention


Education Policy Center Newsletter October 23, 2014
In this issue
– Center Tells Real Story behind Jeffco Showdown
– Despite Challenges, School Choice Presses Ahead
– Elections Loom Large in Colorado
– Eddie Stands Up for Fair and Responsible Retirement Benefits


Education Policy Center Newsletter August 14, 2014
In this issue
– Friday TV Alert: What’s New in Colorado Blended Learning?
– Center Conquers New Territory with Dougco Amicus Brief
– Employee Freedom Message Comes to Pueblo
– Choice and Charters Backed by Strong Opinions, Research
– Eddie Rounds Up Summer


Education Policy Center Newsletter July 3, 2014
In this issue
– Colorado, California Tenure Rulings Take Center Stage
– DeGrow Challenges Jeffco Anti-Reform Crowd
– New Reports Strengthen Case for Scholarship Tax Credits
– State-Level Reforms Stay on Radar for 2015
– Center Welcomes Ross Izard, Celebrates Independence Day


Education Policy Center Newsletter May 15, 2014
In this issue
– HB 1382 Marks Small Step Forward for Online Innovation
– Jeffco Front and Center in Fight for Local Reform
– DeGrow Praises Progress on Charter Funding
– National News: Kansas Joins Scholarship Tax Credit Ranks
– Roundup: Class-Size Reduction Examined and More…