Opinion Editorials

Student-Based Budgeting Means Fairer and More Effective Education Spending

Given pressing budget limitations, how districts allocate money to schools matters more than ever. Some local education providers have successfully kept unavoidable cuts away from services that aid students.

Future of Education in Colorado Being Decided in Local School Districts

A war is raging for the very soul of education in Colorado. Local education reform’s fiery collision with powerful entrenched interests has turned Jefferson County and Thompson school districts into high-stakes battlefields.

Colorado Teachers Should Know Their Rights to Leave the Union

Busy back-to-school days present the only chance for many teachers to leave the union. But they can’t exercise the right if, like many Colorado workers, they don’t know it exists.

U.S. History Course Now More Balanced

Accusations of censorship against the Jeffco board and other critics linger. Given recent changes to APUSH, however, perhaps the most appropriate question to ask is who was censoring whom.

Colorado Lags Behind Other States in Advancing Educational Choice

As state after state puts parental choice and educational quality for all ahead of politics and entrenched interests, it is becoming increasingly clear educational choice is no longer a novel idea. Even so, Colorado has not yet adopted legislation to fully empower its parents and students. Educational choice has seen big victories around the nation […]

Education Goal Should Be Less Testing, Better Accountability

This legislative session’s monumental education debate has Colorado policymakers walking a dangerous tightrope. To benefit today’s K-12 students, they must promote wise policy that does not lean too far in either direction.

Colorado’s K-12 Testing Debate: What Should Stay and What Should Go?

If there is a single word that defines the 2015 K-12 education conversation in Colorado and the United States, that word is “testing.” While testing and evaluations help set critical floors for quality, smart reforms can lift students even higher.

Performance-Based Pay to Attract the Best and Brightest Teachers

For Greeley and other districts, the potential of performance pay demands less talk and more action.

Pressing Forward with Scholarship Tax Credits in Colorado

Although programs increasing school choice through private investment have a strong legal track record, opponents continue pushing back in the courts. Their determined attacks shouldn’t deter Colorado families seeking better schools. The New Hampshire Supreme Court delivered good news with an Aug. 28 ruling reinstating the Corporate Education Tax Credit. The two-year-old program reduces a […]

Colorado Charter Schools Serving Students and Families Well

More Colorado families are choosing their children’s educational path than ever before. As of last year, charter schools were serving 11 percent of Colorado’s K-12 public school students. That’s more than 96,000 charter students attending more than 210 charter schools.