Education Policy Center Newsletter January 29, 2015
In this issue
– School Choice Week Takes Off at State Capitol
– Center Wades into Great Testing Debate
– Scholarship Success Stories Told
– Has Jeffco Union’s Fight Started?
– Eddie Starts 2015 in Style

A Scholarship Tax Credit Program for Colorado

Scholarship tax credits increase the opportunity for K-12 students to access non-public educational options. Such a tax code modification increases the incentive for persons and businesses to contribute funds to qualified non-profit scholarship granting organizations. In turn, the organizations use most of the incoming funds to assist low- and middle-income families with private school tuition expenses. Colorado policymakers should give careful consideration to providing many of the state’s families an important benefit through the adoption of scholarship tax credits.


Education Policy Center Newsletter December 18, 2014
In this issue
–Friday TV Alert: The Transformative Power of K-12 Scholarships
–Dougco Gets Its Day in Court
–Santa Gives Teachers More Christmas Money
–Center Keeps Watchful Eye on Jeffco
–Eddie Gives Teachers Some Attention

Performance-Based Pay to Attract the Best and Brightest Teachers

For Greeley and other districts, the potential of performance pay demands less talk and more action.


Education Policy Center Newsletter October 23, 2014
In this issue
– Center Tells Real Story behind Jeffco Showdown
– Despite Challenges, School Choice Presses Ahead
– Elections Loom Large in Colorado
– Eddie Stands Up for Fair and Responsible Retirement Benefits

Pressing Forward with Scholarship Tax Credits in Colorado

Although programs increasing school choice through private investment have a strong legal track record, opponents continue pushing back in the courts. Their determined attacks shouldn’t deter Colorado families seeking better schools. The New Hampshire Supreme Court delivered good news with an Aug. 28 ruling reinstating the Corporate Education Tax Credit. The two-year-old program reduces a […]


Education Policy Center Newsletter August 14, 2014
In this issue
– Friday TV Alert: What’s New in Colorado Blended Learning?
– Center Conquers New Territory with Dougco Amicus Brief
– Employee Freedom Message Comes to Pueblo
– Choice and Charters Backed by Strong Opinions, Research
– Eddie Rounds Up Summer

Colorado Charter Schools Serving Students and Families Well

More Colorado families are choosing their children’s educational path than ever before. As of last year, charter schools were serving 11 percent of Colorado’s K-12 public school students. That’s more than 96,000 charter students attending more than 210 charter schools.

School District Partnerships Help Colorado K-12 Blended Learning Take Flight

This paper focuses on system-wide blended learning efforts in three Front Range school districts and a group of rural districts in the San Luis Valley. The report also provides a list of state and national resources for schools and districts looking to implement blended learning techniques on a limited or system-wide basis and questions to consider prior to starting. Blended learning implementation in Falcon School District 49, Greeley-Evans School District 6, St. Vrain Valley School District, and in the San Luis Valley varies from the degree of centralization to the use of partner organizations to how districts are building on existing resources.

Union Flailing against Improved Student Outcomes, Empowered Teachers

The thousands of delegates who gathered in Denver last week for National Education Association’s annual Representative Assembly felt more than just the summer heat. A continuing loss of members and some major rebukes from the courts has kept on the pressure. Still, the nation’s largest teachers union refuses to change its tune. Rather than police the profession and respect individual teacher rights, the politically powerful NEA is trying to change the subject.