2015 School Board Candidate Briefing Materials

The Education Policy Center has received numerous requests for the information it provided to school board candidates across Colorado this year. One of the Center’s primary goals is to educate local education leaders about important education policy issues, thereby equipping them to make smart, well-informed decisions in their school districts. As part of that effort, […]

Student-Based Budgeting Means Fairer and More Effective Education Spending

Given pressing budget limitations, how districts allocate money to schools matters more than ever. Some local education providers have successfully kept unavoidable cuts away from services that aid students.

Future of Education in Colorado Being Decided in Local School Districts

A war is raging for the very soul of education in Colorado. Local education reform’s fiery collision with powerful entrenched interests has turned Jefferson County and Thompson school districts into high-stakes battlefields.


Education Policy Center Newsletter August 20, 2015
In this issue
– Back-to-School Week Brings Drama, Politics in Jeffco
– A(nother) Fight for the Future of Colorado Education Reform
– New Paper Shows Colorado Student-Based Budgeting on the Rise
– Institute Celebrates Third Annual Employee Freedom Week
– Educational Choice Marches On

Colorado Teachers Should Know Their Rights to Leave the Union

Busy back-to-school days present the only chance for many teachers to leave the union. But they can’t exercise the right if, like many Colorado workers, they don’t know it exists.

Colorado Student-Based Budgeting on the Rise

Led by Falcon 49, a growing number of Colorado local K-12 agencies have set the pace for student-based budgeting standard to increase transparency, equity, and flexibility in how resources are used. More opportunities lie ahead for these school districts and other adopters to expand and accelerate its benefits.

U.S. History Course Now More Balanced

Accusations of censorship against the Jeffco board and other critics linger. Given recent changes to APUSH, however, perhaps the most appropriate question to ask is who was censoring whom.


Education Policy Center Newsletter July 7, 2015
In this issue
– Center Shares Dougco Choice Ruling’s Silver Lining
– Izard Provides Inspiring Arrupe Jesuit Profile
– Colorado Lags Growing National Choice Momentum
– Jeffco, Thompson Boards Press Forward in Reform Battles
– Eddie Takes On Charter, Other Reform Issues

New Arrupe Jesuit Profile Highlights the Power of Educational Freedom

It’s almost time for July 4th! We’re only hours away from barbeques, fireworks, and copious amounts of flag waving. Before we get to that stuff, though, let’s take a few minutes to talk about a different kind freedom: The kind that empowers kids without means to access the high-quality educational options they need to build [...]

Building Hope: A Profile of Arrupe Jesuit High School

Education policy analyst Ross Izard profiles west Denver’s Arrupe Jesuit High School, a successful program serving low-income, minority students with its signature Corporate Work Study Program and a deep-rooted culture of justice, giving, and compassion.