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Colorado Supreme Court Will Hear Dougco School Choice Case, More Waiting Ahead

The Colorado Supreme Court has announced it will hear the case of Taxpayers for Public Education v. Douglas County School District — yes, the case of the groundbreaking Choice Scholarship Program. One phase of waiting is over. With briefings to be exchanged into June and oral arguments expected for the fall, we just need to stay patient.

Douglas County: Building a Better Education Model

Effecting successful suburban school reform poses an authentic challenge. Many students do well compared to their peers in neighboring districts, but overall test scores conceal shortcomings. The U.S. spends more per person on education than any other country, yet even middle-class students academically lag their peers in other countries. The fast-growing Douglas County School District (DCSD) south of Denver, Colorado, has attempted a different approach to aim higher.

Institute for Justice Attorney Touts Scholarship Tax Credit Legality

Institute for Justice senior attorney Dick Komer presented to private school leaders, scholarship organizations, and policymakers on the legal challenges and opportunities associated with establishing a K-12 scholarship tax credit program

Forward-Thinking School Reforms Popular in DougCo

As Douglas County leaders continue charting the nation’s boldest course for local education innovation, political foes have taken the fight to a different front. Charges against the reform-minded school board fail in the light of truth but have the chance to catch on with many voters.

Amy Oliver Show: ACE Scholarships Engages Parents, Gives Students Opportunities

James Coleman discusses ACE Scholarships’ work to provide more opportunities to students and to build parent engagement, as well as how a tax credit program like other states have could encourage more scholarship donations.

Devil’s Advocate: Tax Credits for Colorado K-12 Education

Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno discusses the case for scholarship tax credits in Colorado as a way to give low- and middle-income students more educational options.

Washington Post Highlights Benigno’s Reaction to DougCo Choice Program Ruling

In a Washington Post article about the Colorado Court of Appeals ruling in favor of Douglas County’s Choice Scholarship Program, Associated Press writer Steven Paulson quoted the Education Policy Center director’s reaction to the welcome news

Amy Oliver Show: Appeals Court Brings Good News for Douglas County School Choice

Charcie Russell from Great Choice Douglas County discusses last week’s good news from the Colorado Court of Appeals that gives hope for more educational options to students and families through the school district’s innovative Choice Scholarship Program.

Appeals Court Panel Renews Dougco Families’ Hopes

The Independence Institute, Colorado’s leading pro-freedom policy voice, praised today’s decision to restore a groundbreaking school choice program previously struck down by a Denver judge.

A Scholarship Tax Credit Program for Colorado

Scholarship tax credits increase the opportunity for K-12 students to access non-public educational options. Such a tax code modification increases the incentive for persons and businesses to contribute funds to qualified non-profit scholarship granting organizations. In turn, the organizations use most of the incoming funds to assist low- and middle-income families with private school tuition expenses. Colorado policymakers should give careful consideration to providing many of the state’s families an important benefit through the adoption of scholarship tax credits.