Heartbroken by Choice Bill Defeats, Hoping for Some Scholarship Tax Credit Love

It was heartbreaking to see the death of a couple more Colorado bills that would have expanded choices for parents and opportunities for students. But we would love to see leaders embrace scholarship tax credits, for all the benefits they have been shown to bring in other states. Those benefits Colorado might enjoy include improved achievement, satisfied parents, and tax dollar savings.

Opponent Arguments Batted Down, HB 1048 Stuck in Legislative Sausage Maker

A few weeks ago I told you about the “voucher bogeyman” fearmongering around Colorado House Bill 1048 (PDF) — which would provide non-refundable tax credits to parents or donors supporting a student’s private school tuition or home education. (And therefore, not a “subsidy” as was headlined and reported with a strong anti-choice slant on the [...]

Colorado Voucher Bogeyman Story Makes Me Laugh… and Ask Serious Questions

Update: Thanks to quick help from staff at the Colorado Dept. of Education, I can tell you that Colorado public school agencies spent $7.9 million in 2008-09, and at least $6.9 million in 2009-10, on “tuition paid to private schools or non-approved agencies.” Now to figure out if that changes the nuance of CEA’s opposition [...]

Speaking Out for Douglas County’s Important Private School Choice Proposal

So last night the Douglas County Board of Education hosted an hour of public comment on proposals made by the community’s School Choice Task Force. Of course, the testimony overwhelmingly was about the “Option Certificates,” or voucher, proposal. The Denver Post’s Jeremy Meyer reports that public comments “were evenly split for and against the plan.” [...]

Let’s Shed Light, Not Heat, on Douglas County School Choice Reform Efforts

I love it when the Denver Post brings big attention to issues I’ve covered here weeks before. It tells me little Eddie is ahead of the curve. Today it’s true of the Douglas County school board looking to expand the boundaries of parental choice. Doing what newspapers do so well, the Denver Post headline latches on to the potential controversy. So let’s engage by providing some clarity.

Douglas County School Board Making Strong Statement for Parental Choice

How often do you see a local school board proactively promoting school choice — including choices inside and outside the district, for the sake of satisfying the local education customers? Let’s be honest: It’s pretty rare. So maybe it’s time to introduce you to the Board of Education for the Douglas County School District, the [...]