District Portfolios

Amy Oliver Show: Falcon 49 Forges Smarter Budget Path

Falcon 49 Chief Business Officer Brett Ridgway explains how his school district’s unique model pushes important budget decisions down to the school level.

Independent Thinking: A New Strategy to Increase Student Achievement

Watch this 3-part YouTube replay of the October 23 episode of Independent Thinking, with Education Policy Center director Pamela Benigno as guest host. Special guests Dr. Paul Hill, director of the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, and Jim Weigel, a former school board member and consultant for the Colorado Association of School Boards, discuss portfolio management — a new strategy to increase student achievement that has gained traction in several urban school districts.

Will the New DPS Leader Make DPS a Leader?

The Denver Public Schools Board of Education last week named Michael Bennet as the district’s new Superintendent. He will replace Dr. Jerry Wartgow. The board hired Bennet because of his connection to the Denver community and, as board member Michelle Moss told the Rocky Mountain News, because she and her colleagues believe he will help “tweak” and implement the board’s existing education reform plans.