Charter Schools

Amy Oliver Show: Blended Learning Grows Denver “Roots”

Jon Hanover talks about his his role as founder of the newly approved, innovative blended learning Denver charter school Roots Elementary—opening in fall 2015.

Let’s Stop Shortchanging Colorado’s Charter Schools

Parents who choose a charter school are learning their children most likely are being shortchanged. While recent moves in Colorado would make progress toward evening up funds for charters, the quest for equity still has a long way to go.

Amy Oliver Show: Charter Schools Look for Fairer Funding

Colorado League of Charter Schools president Nora Flood explains the funding shortfalls public charter schools face compared to their district-run counterparts, discussing a groundbreaking new study and a controversial proposal in Jefferson County.

DeGrow Weighs In On Dougco, Race to the Top for Choice Media’s Reform School

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow was the featured guest (via Skype) on the March 20 edition of Choice Media’s Reform School, with host Bob Bowdon. The 22-minute video of brisk conversation focused on newsworthy K-12 education stories.

Douglas County: Building a Better Education Model

Effecting successful suburban school reform poses an authentic challenge. Many students do well compared to their peers in neighboring districts, but overall test scores conceal shortcomings. The U.S. spends more per person on education than any other country, yet even middle-class students academically lag their peers in other countries. The fast-growing Douglas County School District (DCSD) south of Denver, Colorado, has attempted a different approach to aim higher.

Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Charter Schools Turn 20

Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno and longtime Colorado League of Charter Schools president Jim Griffin reflect on the 20th anniversary of Colorado’s Charter Schools Act, the third of its kind in the nation. The guests share colorful stories from the past and discuss some of the state’s charter successes.

Carroll Invokes Center’s Charter School History Paper

In his June 5 column recounting when the good guys in education reform prevailed, the Denver Post‘s Vincent Carroll touted the Education Policy Center’s “painstakingly evenhanded” retelling of how Colorado’s 1993 Charter Schools Act — the third of its kind in the nation — came to be: [Authors Pam Benigno and Kyle Morin] give credit […]

Amy Oliver Show: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Colorado’s groundbreaking Charter Schools Act, Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno reflects on the parental demand, political drama, and personal tragedy that make a colorful tale of how the law came to be.

On the Road of Innovation: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20

In 1993 Colorado became the third state to adopt charter school legislation. Born out of frustration with lackluster school performance and limited options, the Charter Schools Act resulted from the hard work and dedication of many parents, educators, and political leaders. Careful and colorful recollections from many active, influential figures combine with other original sources to highlight the foundation and origins of the Act.

Amy Oliver Show: Colorado Charters on the Rise

Jim Griffin, president of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, talks about a new report that documents the growth of the state’s public charter school movement, and the better academic outcomes their schools are getting with less funds.