Charter Schools

Carroll Invokes Center’s Charter School History Paper

In his June 5 column recounting when the good guys in education reform prevailed, the Denver Post‘s Vincent Carroll touted the Education Policy Center’s “painstakingly evenhanded” retelling of how Colorado’s 1993 Charter Schools Act — the third of its kind in the nation — came to be: [Authors Pam Benigno and Kyle Morin] give credit […]

Amy Oliver Show: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Colorado’s groundbreaking Charter Schools Act, Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno reflects on the parental demand, political drama, and personal tragedy that make a colorful tale of how the law came to be.

On the Road of Innovation: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20

In 1993 Colorado became the third state to adopt charter school legislation. Born out of frustration with lackluster school performance and limited options, the Charter Schools Act resulted from the hard work and dedication of many parents, educators, and political leaders. Careful and colorful recollections from many active, influential figures combine with other original sources to highlight the foundation and origins of the Act.

Amy Oliver Show: Colorado Charters on the Rise

Jim Griffin, president of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, talks about a new report that documents the growth of the state’s public charter school movement, and the better academic outcomes their schools are getting with less funds.

Do Charter Schools Create Real Competition?

Young Harris College Professor Nathan Gray discusses his study of Ohio charter schools that offers some new insights into the effects of competition in K-12 education and the importance of quality charter school policies. In Gray’s study, the threat of charter competition yielded significant learning gains for students in district schools.

DeGrow Comments on Denver Charter School Network Success

Quoted in an article for School Reform News, an Education Policy Center expert commented on a 2012 Donnell-Kay Foundation study identifying success among Denver charter schools.

British Academies Promote Case for School Autonomy

Denver-based education policy consultant Gina Schlieman discusses a recent article in The Economist that highlights the positive results from Great Britain’s expansion of academies, publicly-funded schools that have been given greater autonomy. Schlieman calls on her recent graduate-level studies at the London School of Economics to provide some uniquely informed insights regarding what Colorado and other states ought to glean from this emerging British education success story.

Successful Arizona Blended Learning Charter Shows Colo. Can “Seize the Day”

Check out a new School Reform News feature story by Ben DeGrow about Arizona’s cutting-edge Carpe Diem Collegiate High School and Middle School, a public charter that has pioneered a unique blended learning model and has achieved some remarkable results with students. The school’s innovations may hold great promise for reformers in Colorado. Perhaps the article will inspire education transformers to Seize the Day and make a difference for current and future learners in our great state.

Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Considers Parent Trigger

Tune in to Devil’s Advocate as host Jon Caldara is joined by State Representative Don Beezley and the Independence Institute’s Ben DeGrow to discuss Representative Beezley’s “parent trigger” legislation, which would empower parents to transform a low-performing school into a charter or innovation school. The Wisconsin public employee union showdown also emerges as a topic of conversation.

Douglas County School Board Takes Stand for Increased Parental Choice

On December 7, 2010 The Douglas County School Board unanimously passed the following resolution to increase parental choice:
BOE Resolution Choice Task Force

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