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Successful Arizona Blended Learning Charter Shows Colo. Can “Seize the Day”

Check out a new School Reform News feature story by Ben DeGrow about Arizona’s cutting-edge Carpe Diem Collegiate High School and Middle School, a public charter that has pioneered a unique blended learning model and has achieved some remarkable results with students. The school’s innovations may hold great promise for reformers in Colorado. Perhaps the article will inspire education transformers to Seize the Day and make a difference for current and future learners in our great state.

Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Considers Parent Trigger

Tune in to Devil’s Advocate as host Jon Caldara is joined by State Representative Don Beezley and the Independence Institute’s Ben DeGrow to discuss Representative Beezley’s “parent trigger” legislation, which would empower parents to transform a low-performing school into a charter or innovation school. The Wisconsin public employee union showdown also emerges as a topic of conversation.

Douglas County School Board Takes Stand for Increased Parental Choice

On December 7, 2010 The Douglas County School Board unanimously passed the following resolution to increase parental choice:
BOE Resolution Choice Task Force

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Rocketship Education: Innovative Charter School Network Blasting Off to Success

Rocketship Education CEO John Danner talks about his charter school network’s unique hybrid learning model that has shown remarkable results in improving achievement among challenging, low-income students in San Jose, California – as well as possible lessons for reform and innovation nationwide. As Danner prepares to come to Denver on May 21 to speak about his innovative entrepeneurial success, the fast-growing Rocketship network has an eye on possibly coming to Colorado in the near future.

Innovation Cole and DSST Charter Talk Partnership

Parents and leaders at the K-8 innovation school Cole Arts and Science Academy have proposed a partnership with the successful charter Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) to share their northeast Denver campus starting in the fall of 2011. Cole principal Julie Murgel talks about the freedom that comes with her school’s innovation status and the promising possibilities of partnering with DSST.

Legislative Committee Halts Charter School ‘Witch-Hunt’

When it comes to public performance audits, there’s a difference between good governance and oversight on one hand, and a far-reaching fishing expedition on the other. The latter SHAMEFUL act is what a handful of Democrat state legislators (Rep. …

Charter School "Witch Hunt" Proposal Shot Down

A far-reaching proposed audit of Colorado’s public charter schools, described by Democrat State Senator Lois Tochtrop as a “witch-hunt,” was defeated earlier this week 5-2 by the Legislative Audit Committee. Colorado League of Charter Schools president Jim Griffin explains why the proposal went too far.

Glad to Have My Skepticism Validated about Denver’s “Boundary School” Idea

Last week I asked what Denver Public Schools was up to with a plan to change the enrollment policies for some of its charter schools, making them into “boundary schools.” What’s up with that?
When you’re 5 years old like I am, you can tend to be insecure about questioning authority so often. Thus I was [...]

Hoping Race to the Top Spurs Colorado Funding, Teacher, STEM Innovations

Katie Redding at the Colorado Independent reported yesterday on the official recommendations for Colorado’s application to receive Race to the Top federal reform dollars. One of my Education Policy Center friends got a chance to chime in:
Ben DeGrow, education policy analyst for the free-market Independence Institute, found much to like about the application, particularly the [...]

Denver, Help This Smart Kid See What You Plan to Do with Charters

Look, I’m not going to mess around with you: I know I’m an exceptionally smart kid. I pay attention to the education reform and policy debates more closely than most big people I know. So when I see the Denver Public Schools talking about draining the choice out of charter schools, as in the Denver [...]