Tom Coyne Smart Jeffco Whistle Bomb

Every now and then, an op-ed drops from the sky like one of those whistle bombs in the movies. The resulting explosion gets folks all riled up, and usually leads to some highly entertaining (though not terribly productive) conversations. Today is one of those days, with a Denver Post op-ed that sees Jeffco’s Tom Coyne outlining [...]

Amy Oliver Show: Union Takes Another Crack at Tenure Lawsuit

Luke Ragland from Colorado Succeeds talks about the ongoing implementation of Senate Bill 191 and the Colorado Education Association’s decision to appeal a pro-tenure reform court ruling.

Union Flailing against Improved Student Outcomes, Empowered Teachers

The thousands of delegates who gathered in Denver last week for National Education Association’s annual Representative Assembly felt more than just the summer heat. A continuing loss of members and some major rebukes from the courts has kept on the pressure. Still, the nation’s largest teachers union refuses to change its tune. Rather than police the profession and respect individual teacher rights, the politically powerful NEA is trying to change the subject.

Amy Oliver Show: Should We Let Courts Fix Tenure?

Prof. Joshua Dunn breaks down the fallout from a court ruling against teacher tenure in California, and handicaps a Colorado school funding lawsuit that could roll out soon.

Amy Oliver Show: Bad Verdicts for Tenure

Luke Ragland from Colorado Succeeds discusses new court rulings from Colorado and California that represent victories for giving students access to effective teachers.

Amy Oliver Show: Education Reform Under the Gold Dome

Luke Ragland from Colorado Succeeds unpacks two big bills in the current legislative session: the teachers union’s push to save tenure protections, and the fight over how to spend extra education dollars (aka the Student Success Act).

School Boards Push Teacher Accountability

Union leaders are actively challenging school principals’ newfound authority to keep the worst teachers out of their classrooms. The state legislative majority has shrunk from the chance to reward the best teachers. But some local school boards have begun to take the reins of reform. Research shows teachers who get the most out of students […]

Amy Oliver Show: Teacher Tenure and A Tale of Two Court Cases

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Prof. Joshua Dunn talks about the Colorado Education Association’s lawsuit to protect teacher tenure, contrasted with a California court case brought in the name of students to force reforms of teacher tenure.

DeGrow Responds On Air to Teachers Union Tenure Lawsuit

In response to the Colorado Education Association’s public announcement that they are filing a lawsuit and supporting legislation to undo a key provision of the state’s 2010 tenure reform, senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow has taken to the airwaves. In a recorded interview with American Family Radio News (One News Now), DeGrow explained that the […]

Teachers Matter Author Headlines First Independence Institute Brown Bag Lunch Event

On Thursday, April 12, the Independence Institute Freedom Embassy hosted its first-ever Brown Bag Lunch event with a presentation on the research that informs educator effectiveness policies. Manhattan Institute senior fellow and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs professor Dr. Marcus A. Winters shared the findings from his new book Teachers Matter with an audience […]