Pay for Performance

Amy Oliver Show: K-12 Legislative Highlights Reveal Missed Opportunities

Rep. Kevin Priola discusses attempts in the last legislative session to change the school funding system, increase transparency, and reward great teachers.

School Boards Push Teacher Accountability

Union leaders are actively challenging school principals’ newfound authority to keep the worst teachers out of their classrooms. The state legislative majority has shrunk from the chance to reward the best teachers. But some local school boards have begun to take the reins of reform.
Research shows teachers who get the most out of students can [...]

Douglas County: Building a Better Education Model

Effecting successful suburban school reform poses an authentic challenge. Many students do well compared to their peers in neighboring districts, but overall test scores conceal shortcomings. The U.S. spends more per person on education than any other country, yet even middle-class students academically lag their peers in other countries. The fast-growing Douglas County School District (DCSD) south of Denver, Colorado, has attempted a different approach to aim higher.

Forward-Thinking School Reforms Popular in DougCo

As Douglas County leaders continue charting the nation’s boldest course for local education innovation, political foes have taken the fight to a different front. Charges against the reform-minded school board fail in the light of truth but have the chance to catch on with many voters.

Survey Says Dougco Residents Love Choice, Reform

An April 2013 survey commissioned by the Independence Institute found that healthy majorities of Douglas County residents support their school board’s innovative agenda.

Dougco Loves Choice, School Board’s Reforms

Results of a recent survey show strong backing from Douglas County residents for a groundbreaking private school choice program and a host of other reforms pursued by the local school board.

DeGrow Lauds Dougco Transparency, Bold Reforms and Declining Union Power

Senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow’s comments on unfolding events surrounding teacher union negotiations in Douglas County were featured in a story today on American Family Radio News (One News Now). Responding to reporter Bob Kellogg, DeGrow highlighted the practice of open negotiations and praised the district for its commitment to bold reforms:
“The school board is [...]

Teachers Matter Author Headlines First Independence Institute Brown Bag Lunch Event

On Thursday, April 12, the Independence Institute Freedom Embassy hosted its first-ever Brown Bag Lunch event with a presentation on the research that informs educator effectiveness policies. Manhattan Institute senior fellow and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs professor Dr. Marcus A. Winters shared the findings from his new book Teachers Matter with an audience [...]

Research Says Teachers (and Teacher Policy) Matter

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs professor and Manhattan Institute senior fellow Dr. Marcus Winters discusses the major themes of his new book Teachers Matter. Learn what research has to say about how to identify, promote and reward effective teachers.

DeGrow Comments on Colorado’s Educator Effectiveness Policy Progress

A story today on American Family Radio News (One News Now) about Colorado’s latest step toward measuring teachers based on effectiveness featured comments from senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow. In an interview with reporter Bob Kellogg, DeGrow put the development in context and urged the state to move toward performance-based educator pay.