K-12 Funding

Apathy, Confusion, and Survey Data: What the Numbers Really Tell Us

I was going to write about an interesting article I read on ADHD, school choice, and blended learning today, but then I was distracted by a very interesting blog post on Americans’ understanding of education policy—or lack thereof. The irony of being distracted from writing about and ADHD article is not lost on me, but [...]

Amy Oliver Show: K-12 Legislative Highlights Reveal Missed Opportunities

Rep. Kevin Priola discusses attempts in the last legislative session to change the school funding system, increase transparency, and reward great teachers.

Let’s Stop Shortchanging Colorado’s Charter Schools

Parents who choose a charter school are learning their children most likely are being shortchanged. While recent moves in Colorado would make progress toward evening up funds for charters, the quest for equity still has a long way to go.

Amy Oliver Show: Charter Schools Look for Fairer Funding

Colorado League of Charter Schools president Nora Flood explains the funding shortfalls public charter schools face compared to their district-run counterparts, discussing a groundbreaking new study and a controversial proposal in Jefferson County.

A Step Backward on School Transparency

The Denver Post’s editorial concluded that the adoption of House Bill 1292 would make Colorado “a national leader in transparency” for public education. It got the story mostly right.

Amy Oliver Show: Education Reform Under the Gold Dome

Luke Ragland from Colorado Succeeds unpacks two big bills in the current legislative session: the teachers union’s push to save tenure protections, and the fight over how to spend extra education dollars (aka the Student Success Act).

Education Spending Transparency Doesn’t Require Massive Tax Hike

Colorado potentially faces a wasted opportunity in undertaking a push for greater school financial transparency. If state leaders talk up transparency as a new project and in vague terms, then they may miss the benefit of lessons already learned and fail to create a genuinely useful online tool. Part of Amendment 66’s billion-dollar promise was […]

Amy Oliver Show: School Funding at Forefront of K-12 Legislative Business

Todd Engdahl of Chalkbeat Colorado highlights the school funding and other K-12 policy debates emerging at the State Capitol as the legislative session gets underway.

From Human Events to Campus TV: Rounding Up Amendment 66

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow chronicled the demise of Amendment 66, the billion-dollar tax increase, for a national audience with a debut column published November 8 in Human Events: Close observers were almost unanimously stunned by the force of the blow that capsized Amendment 66. The proposal to raise state income taxes by a […]

DeGrow Points Out Late Challenges for Amendment 66 Tax Hike

As decision day for Colorado’s Amendment 66 approaches, senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow talked with national reporters about the serious challenges of persuading voters to adopt a billion-dollar tax increase. Associated Press reporter Kristin Wyatt quoted his “confident” reaction: “They’re starting out with a huge financial advantage, but they are pushing a boulder uphill […]