K-12 Funding

Colorado Student-Based Budgeting on the Rise

Led by Falcon 49, a growing number of Colorado local K-12 agencies have set the pace for student-based budgeting standard to increase transparency, equity, and flexibility in how resources are used. More opportunities lie ahead for these school districts and other adopters to expand and accelerate its benefits.

Devil’s Advocate: More Colorado Charter Schools Get Fair Funding

Colorado League of Charter Schools president Nora Flood and CompleteColorado.com education reporter Sherrie Peif join guest host Ben DeGrow to discuss recent victories for fair charter school funding in Jefferson County and Thompson School District.

Thompson Stands Up for Change

Some famous guy at some point in history once said that the hardest part of any effort is taking the first step. How right he was. Even at the tender age of five, I can tell you that it’s hard to do big, scary, important stuff. But you don’t need to take my word for [...]

Broad Brush “Limited Impact” Claim Vindicates Progress of Prop 104

Last week I posted a case study from the Thompson School District, an example of how NOT to negotiate an employee agreement. Just because the popularly enacted Prop 104 has opened the door on these negotiations doesn’t guarantee that they will be conducted effectively, at least not on the first try. That isn’t to say [...]

Unity is Strength: Independence Institute Staff Take the Plunge and Unionize

You know, maybe I’ve been too hard on teachers unions. Just this year, I’ve celebrated their declining membership rates, poked fun at their colossal loss of money in the 2014 election cycle, and had a little too much fun reliving an extraordinarily entertaining “battleflop” by Jeffco’s local teachers union. Who can blame me? My big [...]

Wallet Hub Study Cites Observations on K-12 Spending Efficiency

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow’s comments were cited in a new Wallet Hub study about the U.S. Cities with the Most and Least Efficient Spending on Education.

Amy Oliver Show: Falcon 49 Forges Smarter Budget Path

Falcon 49 Chief Business Officer Brett Ridgway explains how his school district’s unique model pushes important budget decisions down to the school level.

Amy Oliver Show: Fund Helps Meet Charter Facilities Needs

Northstar Commercial Partners Founder and CEO Brian Watson talks about his group’s Education Opportunity Fund, which provides facilities expertise and support to Colorado charter schools.

Devil’s Advocate: The Education Elephant in the Room

Dr. Donna Nicholson and Dr. Karen Kay Harveydiscuss their new book, Sacred Elephants: The Catastrophic Crisis in Education Impacting the Decline of America. How is our education system failing our kids today?

Amy Oliver Show: Veteran Educators Take On K-12 Sacred Elephants

Veteran educators and Sacred Elephants co-authors Karen Harvey and Donna Nicholson share their diagnosis of what’s ailing our schools and offer solutions to get us back on the right path.