School Performance

Do Charter Schools Create Real Competition?

Young Harris College Professor Nathan Gray discusses his study of Ohio charter schools that offers some new insights into the effects of competition in K-12 education and the importance of quality charter school policies. In Gray’s study, the threat of charter competition yielded significant learning gains for students in district schools.

Amy Oliver Show: Reforms vs. Tax Hikes in Jeffco Schools

Sheila Atwell, executive director of Jeffco Students First Action, makes a case for greater accountability in Colorado’s largest school district. She explains why the Jeffco Public Schools 3A and 3B tax hike proposals represent a misguided approach that burdens homeowners and business owners without the promise of better results.

Amy Oliver Show: Promoting Early Literacy in Colorado

Colorado Succeeds vice president Scott Laband joins guest host Ben DeGrow to discuss the implementation of the READ Act (HB 1238) adopted by the General Assembly this year and what else can be done to improve early literacy in Colorado.

DeGrow Chimes In on Denver School CSAP Testing Investigation

A story today on American Family Radio News (One News Now) about the pending investigation of two Denver schools for testing irregularities featured comments from senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow. In an interview with reporter Bob Kellogg, DeGrow noted that for at least one school (Beach Court Elementary), the evidence of inappropriate action was “fairly […]

DeGrow Comments on Denver Charter School Network Success

Quoted in an article for School Reform News, an Education Policy Center expert commented on a 2012 Donnell-Kay Foundation study identifying success among Denver charter schools.

Denver Foundations Reward Local Schools that Beat the Odds

Tom Kaesemeyer, executive director of the Denver-based Fox Family Foundation, discusses the local cooperative initiative Foundations for Great Schools, which in January announced $500,000 in grant awards to more than a dozen Denver-area district and charter schools successfully serving large numbers of low-income students. Kaesemeyer highlights the genesis of the initiative, some of the key school success factors considered, and future plans to continue the program.

Colorado’s NCLB Waiver Won’t Mean Much without Deeper Reforms

Last week news broke that Colorado was one of 10 states to receive U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s waivers from the No Child Left Behind Act. It’s really hard to say the impact the waiver will have in schools and district offices, but to the extent it enhances focus on genuine improvement rather than bureaucratic compliance Colorado students will be truly blessed. If we really want to shake things up and make a powerful impact, our state’s policy makers and other education leaders should pay heed to the growing number of substantial voices demanding that education dollars follow the child.

Tearing Down International Education Myths

Dr. William Moloney, former Colorado education commissioner and author of the Centennial Institute’s new issue brief “Much Better Schools on Much Lower Budgets,” demolishes most of the chief myths used to excuse the United States’ underwhelming performance on international student testing comparisons. He argues that American K-12 learning productivity has plenty of room for improvement.

CSAP Scores Get Little Attention, But Call For Expanding School Reform Approach

Yesterday morning the Colorado Department of Education unveiled the latest CSAP (state assessment) results. It’s hard to believe: in the past these events attracted a lot of fanfare. But for the most recent announcement, I missed the brass band and confetti. Maybe because there wasn’t any.
And that doesn’t take into account the fact the release [...]

Typology of Colorado Charter Schools

Senior Fellow Krista Kafer joins Pam Benigno to discuss a Colorado Department of Education study titled A Typology of Colorado Charter Schools 2009 and the updated version of an Independence Institute paper titled A Chronology of School Choice in the U.S.