Academic Standards

Amy Oliver Show: Dougco Starts Student Testing Conversation

Kevin Larsen, president of the Douglas County school board, discusses the rationale behind his district’s push for more flexibility around state testing requirements. House Bill 1202 was proposed to give the state authority to waive certain student assessments for high-performing school districts, though the bill since has been changed to call for a study of the situation.

Amy Oliver Show: America’s Low Test Scores Endanger Prosperity

Dr. Paul Peterson, director of Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance, makes the case that American schools and students are lagging in performance, with potentially harmful effects for the future economy.

Amy Oliver Show: Fighting Federal Overreach and Untangling the Knot

Marcia Neal from the State Board of Education takes on the tangled knot of Common Core standards, federal overreach, and state-level education reforms.

Amy Oliver Show: Parents Express More Concerns about Common Core

Tyler Hart of Parent Led Reform discusses Colorado’s growing anti-Common Core movement, and how to take on the challenges of withdrawing from the flawed and controversial national standards and testing.

DeGrow Lauds Dougco’s Push for Higher Academic Standards

An American Family Radio News (One News Now) report on the Douglas County Board of Education’s resolution opposing Common Core featured comments by senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow: “Douglas County is saying that they want to strive for highest academic standards and expectations possible for their students, and the Common Core is not appropriate […]

Amy Oliver Show: Common Core Concerns Resurface in Colorado

Former assistant education secretary Bill Evers explains why he continues to resist the strong push for Common Core national education standards. The quality of standards and questions about federal influence of classroom curricula have fueled pushback in several states. Though the Common Core was adopted here two years ago, Colorado may be next, as the State Board of Education has sought input from national experts.

Putting the Brakes on National Curriculum, Testing

Hoover Institution research fellow and former Assistant Secretary of Education Bill Evers discusses an organized effort he is helping to lead to put a stop to national curriculum and national tests for America’s public K-12 schools. He explains the dangers in the current Common Core standards process and how concerned citizens can join the cause by signing an online manifesto.

Colorado Loses Race to the Top: Now What?

Randy DeHoff from the State Board of Education recaps how Colorado fell short in the Race to the Top federal grant competition, and discusses the aftermath for the state’s teacher tenure and evaluation reform (SB 191), Common Core academic standards and more.

Price for State Board to Adopt Common Core Standards Is Simply Too High

Well, Monday is the State Board of Education’s moment of truth: the decision whether or not to adopt Common Core standards. What once looked like an outcome not in doubt has changed in recent days. A great Ed News Colorado story today by Todd Engdahl lays it out well.
Some of the decisions made by the [...]

Resolved to Fight for Local Control

Have state and national officials overstepped their bounds in setting education policy? Gerald Keefe, superintendent of Kit Carson School District in rural eastern Colorado, explains why his district has taken the lead in resisting national standards and advocating for the rights of local school boards to set curriculum requirements.