Amy Oliver Show: Breaking Down Jeffco Myths

On the second hour of the October 1 Amy Oliver Show, Jefferson County Students First executive director Sheila Atwell discusses the school board’s now performance pay plan, the goals to increase student achievement, and the true story behind the highly publicized teacher sickouts and student protests. []

Russian Dolls and Education Policy: New Study Looks More Closely at Teacher Evaluations

Ever heard of a matryoshka doll? You may not have heard the name before, but I bet you’ll recognize the concept. You start with a big doll, break it open, and discover a smaller doll inside. That doll contains a still smaller doll, and inside that one is an even smaller one. You’ve got to [...]

Amy Oliver Show: Can Colorado Have Testing Flexibility and Accountability?

On the second hour of the August 27 Amy Oliver Show, Colorado State Board of Education chair Paul Lundeen talks about his goal to give schools and districts more flexibility in the standardized testing regime, while keeping academic results transparent and comparable and the system accountable to parents and taxpayers. []

Amy Oliver Show: Liberty Common HS Breaks State ACT Record

On the second hour of the August 20 Amy Oliver Show, Liberty Common High School (LCHS) principal Bob Schaffer and senior Jesse Zuniga talk about what goes into their school this year shattering the state’s record score on the ACT test, with a 28.63 average. LCHS is a classical, liberal-arts public charter school based in […]

Evaluation Valuation: Goals, Issues, and Questions for the Coming Year

To students like me, teachers are mythical creatures. Sure, I see them every day, but I can’t see behind the proverbial curtain. I don’t know how they judge their success or failure in different areas, how well they are serving their students as a whole, or how they communicate information about their teaching performance to [...]

Amy Oliver Show: What Do Americans Think About Standardized Tests, School Choice?

What do Americans think about standardized testing, Common Core, vouchers, and charter schools? Paul DiPerna shares insights from the Friedman Foundation’s new K-12 education national survey.

Amy Oliver Show: Dougco Starts Student Testing Conversation

Kevin Larsen, president of the Douglas County school board, discusses the rationale behind his district’s push for more flexibility around state testing requirements. House Bill 1202 was proposed to give the state authority to waive certain student assessments for high-performing school districts, though the bill since has been changed to call for a study of the situation.

Amy Oliver Show: Some Denver Area Schools Keep Beating the Odds

Tom Kaesemeyer talks about the Foundations for Great Schools’ fourth annual awards to Denver-area schools that are getting great results with challenging student populations.

Amy Oliver Show: The Latest Colorado School Grades Are Out

Kristina Saccone from Colorado Succeeds explains how to find the latest grade for your school’s performance, and how parents can get involved to help the school improve or to choose another educational option.

Amy Oliver Show: America’s Low Test Scores Endanger Prosperity

Dr. Paul Peterson, director of Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance, makes the case that American schools and students are lagging in performance, with potentially harmful effects for the future economy.