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New Arrupe Jesuit Profile Highlights the Power of Educational Freedom

It’s almost time for July 4th! We’re only hours away from barbeques, fireworks, and copious amounts of flag waving. Before we get to that stuff, though, let’s take a few minutes to talk about a different kind freedom: The kind that empowers kids without means to access the high-quality educational options they need to build [...]

Denver Post Editors Hit Back-to-Back Homers for Students, Parents

My dad told me about these crinkly pieces of paper with print on them that people used to get, something they would read to find out what’s going on in the world. I guess they’re called “newspapers”? Apparently, some websites actually have newspapers, or so I’m told. The last few days, the editors of one [...]

Devil’s Advocate: Where Does Colorado Rank for School Choice?

The Independence Institute’s Ross Izard and Ben DeGrow join host Jon Caldara to discuss where Colorado ranks nationally for school choice. Watch for the surprising answer.

Building Hope: A Profile of Arrupe Jesuit High School

Education policy analyst Ross Izard profiles west Denver’s Arrupe Jesuit High School, a successful program serving low-income, minority students with its signature Corporate Work Study Program and a deep-rooted culture of justice, giving, and compassion.

Dougco Decision Brings Good News and Bad

By now, my faithful readers should be familiar with Douglas County School District’s embattled first-of-its-kind local voucher program, the Choice Scholarship Program (CSP). I was super excited about an amicus brief written by my friends at the Friedman Foundation and the Independence Institute way back in August of last year, and could barely contain myself during [...]

Colorado Supremes Reject Dougco Choice Program

The Independence Institute, Colorado’s leading pro-freedom policy voice, is deeply disappointed by today’s legal setback against a groundbreaking school choice program, but sees a small ray of hope for students who seek more quality learning options.

Jeffco School Board Recall Underway: What’s Really Going On?

It’s Friday afternoon in the summertime. I should be kicking back and enjoying the great outdoors, maybe playing in the pool or racing my remote-controlled cars. But no. Teachers union leaders hide behind a group of parents to file a recall petition against the three conservative Jeffco school board members: One of the stated reasons [...]

Big Bucks or Big Misconception? Report Sheds Light on Philanthropy in Charter Sector

Last Friday, we celebrated votes in two of my favorite districts, Jeffco and Thompson, to provide more equitable funding to charter school students. In that post, I briefly mentioned that there were some inaccurate anti-equitability arguments floating around before the board votes. We’re going to tackle one of those misconceptions today: The argument that charters [...]

Thompson and Jeffco Stand up for Fair Charter Funding

Many school districts do not share the additional dollars they get from voter-approved property tax increases with charter schools. Traditional public schools often have access to a good deal more money than charters. But two Colorado districts recently passed budgets that reflect more equitable funding for charter school students. Jefferson County completed its journey toward equalization, and Thompson took the first step. Reform majorities on both school boards drove the move toward funding equalization. Other districts take note: This is how you do it.

Performance-Based Learning, Strategic Compensation Keep My Eyes on Mesa 51

When it comes to K-12 education, I tell you a lot about what’s going on in the Denver area and along the Front Range. That’s where most people in our state live. But Colorado is a big place, and it’s good for me to keep expanding my horizons. One of those places is called the [...]