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2015 School Board Candidate Briefing Materials

The Education Policy Center has received numerous requests for the information it provided to school board candidates across Colorado this year. One of the Center’s primary goals is to educate local education leaders about important education policy issues, thereby equipping them to make smart, well-informed decisions in their school districts. As part of that effort, […]

Student-Based Budgeting: A Quick Colorado Primer

Independence Institute senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow talks with Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno about the important but overlooked practice of student-based budgeting to better ensure dollars are reaching students to serve their needs. Six Colorado school districts have stepped up to adopt the system that puts more control and responsibility in the […]

Colorado’s ACT Flatline Has Me Worried

I feel like I’ve been alienating my fellow edu-nerds in recent weeks by spending so much time talking about the antics of the courts. Most recently, we examined a Colorado Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the “Negative Factor” under Amendment 23. One could be forgiven for believing that I had suddenly changed careers [...]

Student-Based Budgeting Means Fairer and More Effective Education Spending

Given pressing budget limitations, how districts allocate money to schools matters more than ever. Some local education providers have successfully kept unavoidable cuts away from services that aid students.

New Survey, Research Point to Need for Balanced Computer Use in Learning

Given the prodigious quantity of blogging here, some may find the contents of this particular post somewhat hypocritical, or perhaps just a little bit ironic. But I certainly strive to keep things interesting. Once upon a time, you heard quite a bit more from little Eddie about blended learning — though recently my eyebrows have [...]

Granddaddy of KIPP Studies Shows More Success for Growing Charter Network

I can confess to you that something has made Eddie a little sad lately. That’s just the amount of crazy charter-bashing going on these days. Some of this craziness gets imported locally by reform opponents who twist themselves in knots to dance around their rage at the Jeffco and Thompson boards of education providing fair, [...]

Thompson Majority Fights On for Local Control

Most of you probably remember that there’s sort of a thing going on in Thompson School District. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement. In actuality, Thompson now stands alongside Jefferson County as ground zero for one of the most important education battles in Colorado. More specifically, Thompson has been engaged in an ugly [...]

Freedom Minute: JeffCo Mom Thanks Dedicated Teachers

JeffCo Mom Patti Peters thanks the dedicated teachers at her kid’s high school who keep their focus on the classroom rather than participate in the distractions that have affected some schools in the district.

Student-Based Budgeting Event Draws Colorado District Leaders, Policy Experts

On September 3, 2015, the Independence Institute and the Reason Foundation co-sponsored an in-depth panel and speaker event titled “Student-Based Budgeting in Colorado” at the Denver DoubleTree Hilton. Featuring financial experts from three of Colorado’s student-based budgeting districts, as well as five national expert speakers, the event drew 60 people to attend, including administrative and […]

Wait, What? Washington Supreme Court Finds Charter Schools Unconstitutional

I’ve got to admit, Little Eddie’s faith in judges’ ability to fairly decide education issues is beginning to fray. Or it would be accurate to say that I’ve moved past fraying, and that my confidence has fully fallen apart at the seams like the blanket I’ve been dragging around with me since infancy. Back in [...]