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2015 School Board Candidate Briefing Materials

The Education Policy Center has received numerous requests for the information it provided to school board candidates across Colorado this year. One of the Center’s primary goals is to educate local education leaders about important education policy issues, thereby equipping them to make smart, well-informed decisions in their school districts. As part of that effort, […]

Wallet Hub Study Cites Observations on K-12 Spending Efficiency

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow’s comments were cited in a new Wallet Hub study about the U.S. Cities with the Most and Least Efficient Spending on Education.

Analyst Shares Insights, Lessons from Lobato School Funding Case

In a School Reform News story about Kansas’ school funding battle in the courts, senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow shared his thoughts on a similar case in Colorado, Lobato, that resulted in a Supreme Court loss for those trying to get additional funding: Had the courts imposed such a mandate, it would have required a […]

DeGrow Chimes In on Accountability Clock for School Reform News

A recent School Reform News article by Heather Kays on the potential state takeover of 30 schools based on a first-time Colorado accountability deadline featured remarks from the Education Policy Center: “As Colorado’s perennially weakest schools approach their day of reckoning, there are few quick fixes and no one-size-fits-all solutions,” said Ben DeGrow, senior education […]

CO Independent Cites DeGrow on Dougco Choice in Supreme Court

A December 12 Colorado Independent story by Lisa Greim on the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program’s hearing before the Colorado Supreme Court included a comment from senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow about what a favorable ruling might mean: “There’s a wait-and-see attitude” among districts, DeGrow said. A Supreme Court ruling favorable to school-choice proponents […]

Izard, DeGrow Point Out Union Role in Jeffco Protests

The teacher sickouts and student walkouts in Jefferson County have drawn national headlines, but the true reasons behind the action have not received as much play. A national Reuters story explaining the Jeffco school board’s October 2 vote to create a more inclusive and transparent curriculum review process features insights into the manufactured controversy provided […]

Chieftain Highlights Institute’s Billboard Message to Pueblo Teachers

The Pueblo Chieftain features coverage of a special Independence Institute billboard message notifying local teachers of their limited opportunity to avoid paying union membership or non-member “representation” fees.

Jeffco Superintendent Choice Elicits Comments to Denver Post

Education Policy Center staff provided input for a Denver Post story about the Jefferson County school board’s looming decision regarding the finalist for the superintendent position, reported today by John Aguilar: Ben DeGrow, education policy analyst with the Independence Institute, said McMinimee has deep roots in Jefferson County. He grew up in Arvada and Littleton […]

DeGrow Weighs In On Dougco, Race to the Top for Choice Media’s Reform School

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow was the featured guest (via Skype) on the March 20 edition of Choice Media’s Reform School, with host Bob Bowdon. The 22-minute video of brisk conversation focused on newsworthy K-12 education stories.

Citizen Magazine Features Education Center Remarks on Colorado Reform Successes

The March 2014 cover story of Focus on the Family’s Citizen magazine highlighted the education-themed results from Colorado’s November 2013 election–including Amendment 66 and school board results in Douglas County, Jefferson County, and Thompson. “A Good Night for School Reform” by Matt Kaufman featured quotes from the Independence Institute. Among other points, Education Policy Center […]