Viral Videos

Freedom Minute: Education Debit Card

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow introduces the Education Debit Card, a school choice program that is gaining popularity in different states.

Video: Colorado Celebrates School Choice Week 2015

On January 26, 2015, a diverse group of students, parents, teachers, and school leaders gathered at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver to kick off National School Choice Week. Featured speakers – including a K-12 scholarship recipient, former school board member, high school teacher, and Democratic and Republican state legislators – highlighted the power of […]

Freedom Minute: What’s in Store for K-12?

In this 1-minute Independence Institute Freedom Minute video production, education policy analyst Ross Izard highlights the major emerging K-12 issues for the new legislative session:

Video: Time to Rethink How Colorado Finances Student Learning Success

“Before we can do anything to fix Colorado schools, we just need to give them more money. …Right?” A great new 2-minute video edited and produced by the Independence Institute highlights ideas presented in Denver by national school finance experts Dr. Eric Hanushek and Dr. Marguerite Roza. Colorado needs to think outside the box in designing a new system to fund learning success.

New I.I. Video Highlights Douglas County Vouchers for Nate Oakley, 499 Other Kids

Today I’m going to step back and let someone else do the talking. You’ve probably been following the developments surrounding Colorado’s groundbreaking Douglas County Pilot Choice Scholarship Program. I’ve covered it a lot here. Since the promising program was approved in March, 500 students have won vouchers worth about $4,600 to help cover the cost [...]

Little Girl Tells Ms. Johnson, Colorado Teachers About Dec. 15 Refund Deadline

It’s not often I get to tell you about a kid cuter than little ol’ me. But credit goes to Lynn Bartels at the Denver Post for noting the real star of this great video — a video which explains how the Colorado Education Association automatically collects funds from members “to help influence elections” and [...]

Video: Unions Abuse Non-Union Teacher Paychecks

Check out this new Independent Teachers video about what happens when a non-union school employee who is forced to opt out of paying union fees every year misses the deadline because of family medical emergencies:

From the YouTube summary:
Due to family medical hardships, non-union Pueblo school employee Becky Robertson missed an annual deadline to opt out [...]

Teacher Explains How CEA Members Can Get Their Political Refunds Before December 15

Jefferson County public school teacher Michael Alcorn narrates a 2-minute YouTube video explaining how members of the Colorado Education Association can get political refunds before the December 15 deadline.