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Devil’s Advocate: The Education Elephant in the Room

Dr. Donna Nicholson and Dr. Karen Kay Harveydiscuss their new book, Sacred Elephants: The Catastrophic Crisis in Education Impacting the Decline of America. How is our education system failing our kids today?

Devil’s Advocate: The Power of K-12 Scholarships to Change Lives

Tune in to Devil’s Advocate with host Jon Caldara as he and Independence Institute Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno speak with Jamilla Dennis, a college student at Howard University whose life was forever changed by a scholarship from the Colorado-based Challenge Foundation. Jamilla offers a first-hand account of the powerful effect K-12 tuition scholarships can have on students’ […]

Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Teachers Can Get a Refund

Ben DeGrow sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss how Colorado teachers can get some of their union dues back via a simple refund. Teachers must submit their form by December 15.

Devil’s Advocate: Tackling Douglas County School Choice Lawsuit

Independence Institute education policy analysts Ben DeGrow and Ross Izard talk about the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program (CSP) and where it stands in the courts. They highlight some of the arguments for the CSP and key design advantages that they helped to make in an amicus brief.

DeGrow Weighs In On Dougco, Race to the Top for Choice Media’s Reform School

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow was the featured guest (via Skype) on the March 20 edition of Choice Media’s Reform School, with host Bob Bowdon. The 22-minute video of brisk conversation focused on newsworthy K-12 education stories.

Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Teachers Can Get Refunds

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow highlights the upcoming December 15 deadline for Colorado Education Association members to request up to $63 in Every Member Option political refunds.

Devil’s Advocate: Fighting for School Choice in the Courtroom

The Goldwater Institute’s Clint Bolick talks about his rich experiences fighting for school choice and other key freedoms in the courtroom, also commenting on the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program and scholarship tax credits.

Devil’s Advocate: Blended Learning Rises in Colorado

Education senior fellow Krista Kafer explains how blended learning helps students access the best of both digital technology and professional instruction. Her new issue paper highlights Colorado’s growing number of 21st century district and charter school innovations.

Devil’s Advocate: Tax Credits for Colorado K-12 Education

Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno discusses the case for scholarship tax credits in Colorado as a way to give low- and middle-income students more educational options.

Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Charter Schools Turn 20

Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno and longtime Colorado League of Charter Schools president Jim Griffin reflect on the 20th anniversary of Colorado’s Charter Schools Act, the third of its kind in the nation. The guests share colorful stories from the past and discuss some of the state’s charter successes.