Amy Oliver Show: What’s Really Behind Jeffco Controversy?

On the second hour of the October 8 Amy Oliver Show, the dynamic Education Policy Center duo of Ross Izard and Ben DeGrow explain the political power struggle going on in the Jeffco school district, the possibility of recalls, and how some have chosen to bully one female board member. [http://1310kfka.com/audio/amy100814hr2.mp3]

Amy Oliver Show: Blended Learning Grows Denver “Roots”

Jon Hanover talks about his his role as founder of the newly approved, innovative blended learning Denver charter school Roots Elementary—opening in fall 2015.

Amy Oliver Show: What Do Americans Think About Standardized Tests, School Choice?

What do Americans think about standardized testing, Common Core, vouchers, and charter schools? Paul DiPerna shares insights from the Friedman Foundation’s new K-12 education national survey.

Amy Oliver Show: Should We Let Courts Fix Tenure?

Prof. Joshua Dunn breaks down the fallout from a court ruling against teacher tenure in California, and handicaps a Colorado school funding lawsuit that could roll out soon.

Amy Oliver Show: Preparing Teachers Better

The National Council on Teacher Quality’s Arthur McKee highlights a new report that shows far too many teacher education programs are falling short.

Amy Oliver Show: Bad Verdicts for Tenure

Luke Ragland from Colorado Succeeds discusses new court rulings from Colorado and California that represent victories for giving students access to effective teachers.

Amy Oliver Show: Orsch Private School Tests Education Ideas

Jackie Burt talks about educational lessons learned from students as founder of the private lab school Orsch in Gunnison, Colo.

Amy Oliver Show: K-12 Legislative Highlights Reveal Missed Opportunities

Rep. Kevin Priola discusses attempts in the last legislative session to change the school funding system, increase transparency, and reward great teachers.

Amy Oliver Show: Charter Schools Look for Fairer Funding

Colorado League of Charter Schools president Nora Flood explains the funding shortfalls public charter schools face compared to their district-run counterparts, discussing a groundbreaking new study and a controversial proposal in Jefferson County.

Amy Oliver Show: An Outside Look at Douglas County Reform

Heartland Institute education research fellow Joy Pullmann shares impressions from her recent visit to Douglas County, Colorado, as she explores how some schools seek to innovate rather than fall in line with the Common Core.