Devil’s Advocate: Jeffco Board “Vindicated” on AP U.S. History Framework

Education reporters Nic Garcia of Chalkbeat and Sherrie Peif of join host Jon Caldara to discuss the recent uproar over a Jefferson County board member’s suggestion to review the AP U.S. History framework.

Freedom Minute: JeffCo Mom Thanks School Board

JeffCo graduate and mom Jennifer Butts thanks the current school board for listening to parents like her, and for advancing reforms that help ensure her kids — and all JeffCo kids — have access to options that best serve their needs.

Devil’s Advocate: More Colorado Charter Schools Get Fair Funding

Colorado League of Charter Schools president Nora Flood and education reporter Sherrie Peif join guest host Ben DeGrow to discuss recent victories for fair charter school funding in Jefferson County and Thompson School District.

Devil’s Advocate: Choice in Education Spreading Across the Nation

The Friedman Foundation’s Brittany Corona and guest host Ben DeGrow talk all things choice in education — like famed economist Milton Friedman advocated years ago.

Devil’s Advocate: Where Does Colorado Rank for School Choice?

The Independence Institute’s Ross Izard and Ben DeGrow join host Jon Caldara to discuss where Colorado ranks nationally for school choice. Watch for the surprising answer.

Amy Oliver Show: Falcon 49 Forges Smarter Budget Path

Falcon 49 Chief Business Officer Brett Ridgway explains how his school district’s unique model pushes important budget decisions down to the school level.

Freedom Minute: Education Debit Card

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow introduces the Education Debit Card, a school choice program that is gaining popularity in different states.

Amy Oliver Show: Fund Helps Meet Charter Facilities Needs

Northstar Commercial Partners Founder and CEO Brian Watson talks about his group’s Education Opportunity Fund, which provides facilities expertise and support to Colorado charter schools.

Devil’s Advocate: The Education Elephant in the Room

Dr. Donna Nicholson and Dr. Karen Kay Harveydiscuss their new book, Sacred Elephants: The Catastrophic Crisis in Education Impacting the Decline of America. How is our education system failing our kids today?

Amy Oliver Show: Where is Colorado GOP on Education Reform?

Denver Post education reporter Eric Gorski shares where he sees Colorado Republicans coming down on K-12 education issues such as testing, accountability, and teacher evaluations.