Amy Oliver Show: Jeffco School Board Steps Forward

Jeffco school board director John Newkirk deflates some myths surrounding the new board majority’s work to raise student achievement, reward new and high-quality teachers, increase transparency, and fund students fairly.

Amy Oliver Show: Greeley Dives into Blended Learning

Judy Bauernschmidt from the Colorado eLearning Collaborative talks about the unfolding project in Greeley Public Schools that will bring blended learning school models across the district over the next several years.

Amy Oliver Show: Commission Recommends Online Education Policy Improvements

Matt Samelson from the Donnell-Kay Foundation talks about a legislative-backed commission’s new policy recommendations to help improve online learning experiences for Colorado’s K-12 students.

DeGrow Weighs In On Dougco, Race to the Top for Choice Media’s Reform School

Senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow was the featured guest (via Skype) on the March 20 edition of Choice Media’s Reform School, with host Bob Bowdon. The 22-minute video of brisk conversation focused on newsworthy K-12 education stories can be viewed below:

Covered topics included the Colorado Supreme Court agreeing to take the Douglas County school [...]

Amy Oliver Show: Are We Licensing Teachers Correctly?

Tim Farmer from the Professional Association of Colorado Educators talks about how the state and schools can help ensure having the best teachers in classrooms through an effective licensure process.

Amy Oliver Show: Education Reform Under the Gold Dome

Luke Ragland from Colorado Succeeds unpacks two big bills in the current legislative session: the teachers union’s push to save tenure protections, and the fight over how to spend extra education dollars (aka the Student Success Act).

Amy Oliver Show: Dougco Starts Student Testing Conversation

Kevin Larsen, president of the Douglas County school board, discusses the rationale behind his district’s push for more flexibility around state testing requirements. House Bill 1202 was proposed to give the state authority to waive certain student assessments for high-performing school districts, though the bill since has been changed to call for a study of the situation.

Amy Oliver Show: Some Denver Area Schools Keep Beating the Odds

Tom Kaesemeyer talks about the Foundations for Great Schools’ fourth annual awards to Denver-area schools that are getting great results with challenging student populations.

Amy Oliver Show: Teacher Tenure and A Tale of Two Court Cases

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Prof. Joshua Dunn talks about the Colorado Education Association’s lawsuit to protect teacher tenure, contrasted with a California court case brought in the name of students to force reforms of teacher tenure.

Amy Oliver Show: Task Force Looks at Policy Answers for Online Learning

Elizabeth Davis, principal of Colorado Calvert Academy, discusses the role of a new online education task force she’s serving on and shares thoughts on how digital learning opportunities can help serve students.