2015 School Board Candidate Briefing Materials

The Education Policy Center has received numerous requests for the information it provided to school board candidates across Colorado this year. One of the Center’s primary goals is to educate local education leaders about important education policy issues, thereby equipping them to make smart, well-informed decisions in their school districts. As part of that effort, […]

Student-Based Budgeting: A Quick Colorado Primer

Independence Institute senior education policy analyst Ben DeGrow talks with Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno about the important but overlooked practice of student-based budgeting to better ensure dollars are reaching students to serve their needs. Six Colorado school districts have stepped up to adopt the system that puts more control and responsibility in the […]

Freedom Minute: JeffCo Mom Thanks Dedicated Teachers

JeffCo Mom Patti Peters thanks the dedicated teachers at her kid’s high school who keep their focus on the classroom rather than participate in the distractions that have affected some schools in the district.

Freedom Minute: JeffCo Mom Won’t Tolerate Bullying

JeffCo Mom Linda Pelon explains why she won’t stand for the bullying she’s witnessed at JeffCo school board meetings. Despite raising teacher’s salaries and funding a new school without debt, the reform majority has been on the receiving end of opponents’ bad behavior.

Freedom Minute: Building Hope at Arrupe Jesuit

Education policy analyst Ross Izard tells the story of Arrupe Jesuit High School, where low-income kids excel and succeed.

Freedom Minute: College Board Revamps AP U.S. History Framework

Education policy analyst Ross Izard takes a look at the changes made to this year’s Advanced Placement U.S. History framework, and what those changes tell us about last fall’s “censorship” controversy in Jeffco.

Devil’s Advocate: Jeffco Board “Vindicated” on AP U.S. History Framework

Education reporters Nic Garcia of Chalkbeat and Sherrie Peif of join host Jon Caldara to discuss the recent uproar over a Jefferson County board member’s suggestion to review the AP U.S. History framework.

Freedom Minute: JeffCo Mom Thanks School Board

JeffCo graduate and mom Jennifer Butts thanks the current school board for listening to parents like her, and for advancing reforms that help ensure her kids — and all JeffCo kids — have access to options that best serve their needs.

Devil’s Advocate: More Colorado Charter Schools Get Fair Funding

Colorado League of Charter Schools president Nora Flood and education reporter Sherrie Peif join guest host Ben DeGrow to discuss recent victories for fair charter school funding in Jefferson County and Thompson School District.

Devil’s Advocate: Choice in Education Spreading Across the Nation

The Friedman Foundation’s Brittany Corona and guest host Ben DeGrow talk all things choice in education — like famed economist Milton Friedman advocated years ago.