The Citizens’ Budget: K-12 Funding Issue Brief

Citizens’ Budget: K-12 Education Funding
Author: Educational Policy Center

PDF of full Issue Backgrounder
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This concise issue brief on K-12 education is part of the comprehensive
Citizens’ Budget. The report lays out a road map for Colorado policy makers to implement policies that would close next year’s billion-dollar budget problem and establish a sustainable trend line for balanced budgets into the future, with no increase in taxes or fees. This section explores how Colorado’s current K-12 school funding system works and offers ideas for savings, including a tax credit program to offset private school tuition costs.

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  1. [...] Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow wrote the section on K-12 education. You really need to read it to get a good basic grasp of how education funding currently works, as [...]

  2. [...] this proposal offers some of the same advantages from the federal level as a key proposal from the K-12 education chapter of the Citizens’ Budget proposal offers at the Colorado state level. I’m talking about [...]

  3. [...] can find more information on the tuition tax credit proposal and other cost-saving ideas in the K-12 education chapter of the Citizens’ Budget. Posted by ben on Jan 7th, 2011 and filed under In The News, K-12 [...]

  4. [...] choice. That’s what my Education Policy Center friends have researched and proposed in the K-12 education chapter of the new Citizens’ [...]

  5. [...] Shift spending taxpayers’ money to get better results for students (anyone read the Citizens’ Budget?) [...]

  6. [...] with tight budgets — that means you, Colorado. That’s the point Ben DeGrow made in his contribution to the Independence Institute’s Citizens’ Budget project. Thanks to Coulson and his Cato teammate Adam Schaeffer, who were very helpful in formulating that [...]

  7. [...] friend Ben DeGrow was one of more than a dozen who testified. Among other things, he pointed out his research from the Citizens’ Budget that showed how a similar tuition tax credit program would save a lot of money for the state [...]

  8. [...] Committee has the opportunity to make another GOOD decision for parents and students (and the state budget) to put the measure forward for full consideration by the [...]

  9. [...] of the short-term solution to the K-12 budget situation is cutting unproductive spending in the form of rewards for teacher [...]

  10. [...] spending more productive and promote better outcomes for students? One good place to start is my chapter on K-12 for the Independence Institute’s Citizens’ Budget. Or check out what Colorado school districts like Douglas County and Falcon 49 are up to. More on [...]

  11. [...] to compensation, ending the collective, seniority-based salary schedule along with its ineffective “master’s bumps” (by visiting Harrison School District Two or Eagle County [...]

  12. [...] time for Colorado lawmakers to take a closer look at enacting an education tax credit program that provides clear cost savings, improves public school performance through competition, and gives a real chance at modest learning [...]

  13. [...] information and ideas for state-level cost-saving changes can be found in DeGrow’s 2010 K-12 education chapter of the Citizens’ Budget. Posted by ben on Aug 30th, 2011 and filed under K-12 Funding, TV Broadcasts. You can follow [...]

  14. [...] More information and ideas for state-level cost-saving changes can be found in DeGrow’s 2010 K-12 education chapter of the Citizens’ Budget. Posted by ben on Sep 13th, 2011 and filed under In The News, K-12 Funding. You can follow any [...]

  15. [...] any national awards, but just take a peek at my Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow’s chapter for the 2010 Citizens’ Budget publication to see what I [...]

  16. [...] recommendations for ways the state could save money and use it more productively on K-12 education are out there, and open for debate. Perhaps it’s also time for some affluent entity to donate copies of [...]

  17. [...] The local Nevada Policy Research Institute is cheering for tuition tax credits. In a new Daily Caller column, Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute makes the case for such a program to help save state budgets — particularly focusing on a positive response to the strong, resounding No! Colorado voters gave to the Proposition 103 tax hike. DeGrow laid out the estimated savings in detail in his K-12 contribution to last year’s Citizens’ Budget. [...]

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